Trinity’s NHS Trick-or-Treats for a Cause

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, members of Trinity’s National Honor Society knocked on doors and handed out candy for the Family Scholar House’s annual reverse trick-or-treating event.

Family Scholar House supports single mothers and fathers who are homeless but want to become better educated to provide for their children and break the cycle of poverty. In exchange for housing, participants agree to carry a full college course load.

The reverse trick-or-treating experience allowed children who could not otherwise participate to dress in costume and receive candy. Senior NHS officer Cian Callahan reflected, “I didn’t realize that some children don’t have a place to go trick-or-treating. An event so normal to me isn’t available to all children.” Juniors Benjamin Grissom and Peyton French enjoyed seeing “the positive reactions from the families that we visited” and “smiling kids and happy parents.”

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