Two Trinity Teachers Invited to Summer STEAM Program

Trinity faculty members Mr. Steve Hammer and Ms. Kathy Kiefer were accepted to a specialized program this summer. Only ten people were selected from the region and Trinity High School features two of the ten! This is a paid fellowship that requires teachers to develop curriculum and implement it in the classroom next year.

The two members of the Trinity Science Department were selected as Research Fellows with the National Science Foundation and the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering. Chemistry teacher Kathy Kiefer and STEM teacher Steve Hammer were chosen to participate in the six-week immersive study of energy and its unifying theme within the science disciplines. The research program pairs educators and researchers with the emphasis of curriculum and instruction in high school classrooms. Trinity is so excited to have our teachers collaborate and learn with the U of L Speed School this summer!

“I was really excited when I found out!” Says Hammer. “I knew their deadline was coming up for notifications, but I didn’t expect to hear one way or the other until next week.  I am really looking forward to collaborating on the creation of curriculum that can lead to better STEM education.  Overall, I hope to bring back new ideas and techniques that can further enhance our already amazing STEM curriculum and benefit our STEM accreditation process.”

Kiefer shared Hammer’s excitement. “I am very excited and humbled to have been given the opportunity to participate as a Research Fellow in UofL’s Reinvigorating Energy Teaching program this summer. I am looking forward to learning from and working with Speed School engineers.  I hope to find new ways to inspire and engage my students. I want them to learn to question, to collaborate, to design. In the end, I am looking to develop a depth to my teaching, bring back better practices to the classroom, and share what I have learned with my colleagues.”

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