Update from Academic Services

Hello to all. We miss our students and appreciate the good work they are doing during this time of crisis.

A few updates:

  • We are aware Rockspace can be agonizingly slow at times. Still, about 75% of students are getting the work done. We get reports daily from the national office assuring us they continue to work to make it run more smoothly. One good strategy which has emerged is getting the assignment online, writing or working offline, then cutting and pasting it back into Rockspace later.

  • Try to assure your son that teachers will be forgiving. The important thing is to complete the work as best they can. If things are running slowly or he is shut out, advise him to walk away for a while and try again later.

  • Teachers are increasingly posting assignments in other ways. While not always possible, some teachers can send assignments via email. Please continue to reach out to teachers.

  • More and more of our teachers are using technology like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to communicate directly with students. All students have access to Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft Office Suite we provide them. Encourage them to explore its features. If we cannot come back to school after spring break, we will provide detailed instructions and begin using this feature much more.

  • A reminder that teachers are required to respond to emails until 3 p.m. each day. They may or may not respond after this time, but if not, they should get back to students the following day. Please keep in mind teachers are parents, husbands, and wives too. They are experiencing the same stress we all are. Together, we will make the best of it.

Look for a video message from me Monday. We’ll post on social media, the website and share via email.

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