What Blooms from Dust

The Trinity Library Media Center and Book Club are sponsoring an all-community read! All community members (students, faculty/staff, parents, alumni, etc.) are invited to read and engage in learning about topics and themes related to the text. For this year, our selection will be James Markert’s What Blooms from Dust. We have arranged to have the author visit us on January 10 at 7 p.m. and have scheduled various mini-programs that integrate thematic contact points to many of the disciplines.

For example, we have already scheduled such events as a Breakout game with the Dust
Bowl (setting of the novel is 1930s Oklahoma), a Jeopardy game with Biblical connections, and a probability and statistics offering on coin-flipping and chance (a character in the novel flips coins regularly).

Students and other community members are encouraged to attend and learn. We hope that this cross-curricular “idea festival” approach to learning leads to students seeing the value of life-long learning and cultivates and renews a culture of life-long learners.

You may submit questions to be asked at the author event by tweeting @TrinityLMC, using the hashtag #whatblooms.

What follows is a description of the novel’s premise:

“The closer he got, the brighter that red became. It was a rose—a rose that had no earthly business growing there, right in the middle of all that dust.” Just as Jeremiah Goodbye is set to meet his fate in the electric chair, he is given a second chance at life. With the flip of a coin, he decides to return to his hometown of Nowhere, Oklahoma, to settle the score with his twin brother Josiah. But upon his escape, he enters a world he doesn’t recognize—one that has been overtaken by the Dust Bowl. And the gift he once relied on to guide him is as unrecognizable as the path back to Nowhere. On his journey home, he accidentally rescues a young boy, and the pair arrive at their destination where they are greeted by darkened skies and fearful townspeople who have finally begun to let the past few years of hardship bury them under the weight of all that dust. Unlikely heroes, Jeremiah and his new companion, Peter Cotton, try to protect the residents of Nowhere from themselves, but Jeremiah must face his nightmares and free himself from the guilt of his past and the secrets that destroyed his family. Filled with mystery and magic, this exquisite novel from award-winning author James Markert is a story of finding hope in the midst of darkness and discovering the beauty of unexpected kindness.

We hope you’ll join us in reading the novel and in coming to some of the events. Click here to view a schedule of the What Blooms Events.

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