WWII: The Western Front & the Holocaust Tour

Are you ready to make meaningful real-life connections with the events of D-Day, the assault operations of 101st Airborne Division and the atrocities of the Holocaust? Come step back into history with your Trinity brothers.

In June of 2019, Trinity students will travel abroad to become living witnesses to the atrocities brought about during World War II and by the Nazi Party’s Final Solution. Students will have an opportunity to make real-life connections to events typically only studied in history books.

The History of WWII Western Front and the Holocaust Tour will give students the opportunity to explore London, Portsmouth, Caen, Normandy, Rouen, Luxembourg City, Bastogne, Amsterdam, Hannover and Berlin as part of 14-day trek across Western Europe.

Tour highlights include:

A tour of Churchill’s War Rooms;

A guided sightseeing tour of the beaches at Normandy;

A tour of 101st Airborne sites in France and Belgium including 1944 foxholes in Foy;

A tour of the Anne Frank House and the Dutch Resistance Museum;

A dinner cruise down the canals of Amsterdam;

Tours of the Bergen-Belsen memorial and Sachsenhausen concentration camps;

A tour of the Reichstag in Berlin;

A guided tour of Bebelplatz, Bendlerbock, the Berlin Holocaust Memorial and Hitler’s bunker.


For more information on this trip, access our tour website at www.lingo-tours.com/WWT966.

Upcoming tour informational meeting, including fundraising information:

WHO: All interested Trinity students and their families interested in connecting with the history of WWI
WHAT: WWII and the Holocaust on the Western Front, tour informational meeting
WHEN: Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Trinity High School, room F141 (Mr. Rapp’s room)

We will meet on the Alumni Hall patio between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m. and go into the building together.

See Ms. Darby in S-352 for more specific information or with questions.

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