Online Teams Learning

 With Trinity’s Online Teams Learning, we have given our students access to the same rich, comprehensive, interactive content they would receive inside a Trinity classroom without physically being in the classroom. Our OTL maintains the same level of structure, routine, interaction and engagement as a normal school day simply from a virtual standpoint.

Although we may not be face-to-face, our Online Teams Learning mission is the same as our mission at Trinity High School, we are building men of faith and men of character.

Taking the Trinity Experience ONLINE:


  • Online Teams Learning provides our students a set schedule with recordings of all class meetings.


  • Online Teams Learning allows for student/teacher interaction, student presentations, video sharing, and group work.


  • Online Teams Learning allows for a Wednesday Workday for homework, project development, and individual meeting time with teachers.


  • Online Teams Learning provides availability to our teachers/counselors. Teachers and counselors can stay after classes or schedule time for private meetings.


What our students are saying about Online Teams Learning:

  • What worked best was easily finding the recordings and using them for help later if I needed it.


  • I liked the fact that we were able to engage with our teachers which helped build a virtual connection between students and teachers.


  • It was a lot easier to ask questions and understand what was being taught when you hear the teacher’s voice and are able to connect with them in real-time.


  • I thought that the live classroom was different but worked very well! I stayed connected with friends for group projects and assignments.


  • For me, the online meetings worked best because I had more opportunities to ask questions. I liked that there were recordings in case we missed something, we could go back and re-watch it.


  • I enjoyed using Teams because, to me, it was like being in the classroom again. I was able to learn the lessons hand-on.

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