Parent Testimonials

Listen to current and former Trinity parents talk about their experience with Trinity, why Trinity was the best fit for their son, and how Trinity prepared their son for life after high school!

Watch as Trinity parent Laura Hatcher talks about her experience with Trinity High School.

Watch Trinity Mom Nanette Vale speak about her and her son’s experiences at Trinity!

Listen as Jennifer Wright, mother of Alex Wright ’22, talks about her family’s experience with Trinity!

Mason Carrico ’91, father of Carson Carrico ’22 and Connor Carrico ’20, talks about being a parent and an alum, and why it’s so special watching both of his sons experience Trinity like he did!

Listen as Angela Springer, mother of Paul Springer ’22, talks about the experiences her family has had with Trinity!

Shawn Freibert, father of recent Trinity graduate, Nick Freibert, Class of 2019, talks about why Trinity was the BEST FIT for his son.

Watch as parent Mary Jude Pfiefer speaks about her experience with Trinity!

Listen as Emily McElroy, mother of Nathan McElroy ’21, discusses why Trinity was the BEST FIT for her son!

Becky McClellan, mother of Jack McClellan, Trinity’s Class of 2020, talks about how the variety of Clubs and Activities and the Block Schedule led her family to choose Trinity.

Debbie Crane, mother of Jackson Crane, Trinity’s Class of 2018, and Davis Crane, Trinity’s Class of 2020, talks about how Trinity made her family feel COMFORTABLE with their high school decision.

Tony Vanetti, father of John Vanetti, Trinity’s Class of 2021, talks about why Study Abroad opportunities and the Block Schedule make Trinity such a SPECIAL PLACE.

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