Honor Roll


Honor Roll – Quarter 4 2017-2018

Colin Matthew AbelSophomoreSecond Honors
Ethan Thomas AbellSophomorePrincipal's List
Aaron Samuel AbendSeniorPrincipal's List
Tyler Matthew AdamsonJuniorPrincipal's List
David Knepler AlbrightSophomorePrincipal's List
Jeremy Walker AllenSeniorPrincipal's List
Justin Thomas AllenSophomoreSecond Honors
Ryan Christopher AllenJuniorFirst Honors
Travis Mitchell AllenJuniorFirst Honors
Jesse Gray AllgeierSeniorPrincipal's List
Trenton Clay AlsipSeniorSecond Honors
William Scott AltsmanSophomoreFirst Honors
Arya Sam AminiJuniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Douglas AndersonSeniorPrincipal's List
Henry Kirk AndresJuniorPrincipal's List
Cody Robert Heil AuxierSeniorFirst Honors
Jackson Henry AyreSophomorePrincipal's List
Nicholas Xavier BabeyJuniorSecond Honors
Hayden Madison BaileySeniorPrincipal's List
Sha-Cobe Martez BaileySeniorSecond Honors
Jacob Marx BainSeniorSecond Honors
Evan Alexander BaldridgeJuniorPrincipal's List
Ryan Paul BaldwinJuniorFirst Honors
Logan Thomas BallSeniorFirst Honors
Austin James BallardSeniorPrincipal's List
Ethaniel Matthieu BanzonSophomoreSecond Honors
Alan Douglas BarkerSeniorSecond Honors
James Logan BarkerSophomoreFirst Honors
Nathaniel David BarkerSeniorFirst Honors
Braden Atley BarryJuniorFirst Honors
Ian Carter BarrySeniorPrincipal's List
Jonathon Vasyl BarryJuniorSecond Honors
Nathan Francis BarrySeniorSecond Honors
Samuel Parker BatcheldorSeniorFirst Honors
Kaden Alan BatesJuniorSecond Honors
Dylan Michael BaughmanJuniorPrincipal's List
Nathan David BeamJuniorPrincipal's List
Zack Robert BeavenJuniorSecond Honors
Brockman Walker BellSophomorePrincipal's List
William Bland BennettJuniorFirst Honors
Brady William BenningfieldSophomoreSecond Honors
Zachary Harrison BermanSophomoreFirst Honors
Jacob Neensing BibeauSeniorSecond Honors
Ryan Cleary BiddleSeniorSecond Honors
Cademon Stone BishopSeniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Michael BissingerJuniorSecond Honors
Carson Thomas BlackSophomoreFirst Honors
Nathan Kutter BlackSeniorSecond Honors
Robert James BlokJuniorSecond Honors
Shane Willis BloydSeniorPrincipal's List
William Phillip BlytheSeniorFirst Honors
William Dmitri BobrowSeniorFirst Honors
William Jackson BogelSophomoreFirst Honors
Grant Alexander BohnSeniorFirst Honors
Matthew Alan BohnSeniorSecond Honors
Dare August BohneSeniorSecond Honors
Colin Joseph BookSophomoreSecond Honors
Leo David BordersSeniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Nathaniel BowersSeniorPrincipal's List
Aidan Lee BowieJuniorSecond Honors
Ephraim Samuel-Lopez Boyance-StampleySeniorFirst Honors
Cole Alexander BoyceSophomoreSecond Honors
Nicholas Edward BoyceSeniorFirst Honors
Augustine Zink BoyerJuniorPrincipal's List
Ryan Murphy BoyleSeniorPrincipal's List
Daniel Christopher BradfordSophomoreFirst Honors
Bryan Thomas BradshawSophomoreSecond Honors
John Kenneth BrewerSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Joseph BrianJuniorPrincipal's List
Eric Sebastian BrianSeniorPrincipal's List
Sean Patrick BrockSeniorPrincipal's List
Alexander Zlatcov BrownSeniorPrincipal's List
Cinthion Nathaniel BrownSophomoreSecond Honors
Grant Russell BrownSeniorFirst Honors
Jackson Henry BrownJuniorSecond Honors
Trent Joseph BrownSeniorPrincipal's List
James Karl BrunsSeniorFirst Honors
Jayson Grant BrunstetterSeniorSecond Honors
Jared Alex BryantSeniorFirst Honors
Luke William BunnellSeniorSecond Honors
Jacob Daniel BurnamSeniorPrincipal's List
John Marshall Talbott ButlerJuniorSecond Honors
Nicolas CaicedoJuniorFirst Honors
Cian James CallahanSeniorPrincipal's List
Ross Joseph CampanaSophomoreFirst Honors
Nicholas Patrick CampbellSeniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Andrew CardosiSeniorFirst Honors
Daniel Martin CarperSeniorFirst Honors
Christian Andrew CarrSeniorPrincipal's List
Connor Hamilton CarricoJuniorPrincipal's List
Declan Patrick CarrollSeniorPrincipal's List
Michael Patrick CarrollSeniorFirst Honors
Nicholas Todd CarrollSeniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Robert CaseJuniorSecond Honors
Adam Edward CashSeniorFirst Honors
John Patrick CastagnoSophomoreFirst Honors
Joshua Daniel CastlemanSophomoreSecond Honors
Nathaniel Blake CaudillJuniorSecond Honors
Samuel Clay CaveSophomoreSecond Honors
William Clay CaveJuniorSecond Honors
Jackson Samuel McKay ChauvinJuniorSecond Honors
Spencer Christian ChildersSeniorPrincipal's List
Thomas Joseph ChildersSeniorSecond Honors
Brandon Vincent ChouSeniorPrincipal's List
Michael Vincent ChouJuniorPrincipal's List
Michael Ryan CiacioSeniorFirst Honors
Jackson Thomas ClarkJuniorFirst Honors
Nicholas Ryan ClarkJuniorSecond Honors
Noah Christian ClarkSophomoreFirst Honors
Patrick Blaise ClarkeJuniorPrincipal's List
Thomas Joseph ClarkeJuniorPrincipal's List
Jacob Archer ClaypoolSophomorePrincipal's List
Lucas Christopher ConnellySeniorSecond Honors
Jackson Robert ConnerSophomoreFirst Honors
Jacob James ConnorsSeniorPrincipal's List
Jacob Tyler ConradSophomorePrincipal's List
Saben Gabriel ConteJuniorSecond Honors
Connor McKay ContiSeniorPrincipal's List
Nicholas Cross ContiSophomoreSecond Honors
Grant F CoorssenFreshmanPrincipal's List
Reagan Scott CootsSophomoreFirst Honors
Christopher Alex CorbettSeniorFirst Honors
Derek Xavier CornwellSeniorPrincipal's List
Alex Joseph CoxSeniorFirst Honors
Dudley CoxSophomoreSecond Honors
Davis William CraneJuniorFirst Honors
Jackson Matthew CraneSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Ryan CravenJuniorFirst Honors
Gannon Alexander CroweSophomoreSecond Honors
Cole Michael CrushSeniorPrincipal's List
David Brock CulpJuniorFirst Honors
Daniel Joseph CunaginSeniorFirst Honors
Zachary Mason CunananSeniorPrincipal's List
Stephen Louis CurrySeniorSecond Honors
Alexander John CyterskiSeniorFirst Honors
Hunter Burnett DavidSeniorSecond Honors
Riley Nicholas DavidsonSeniorPrincipal's List
Blake Allen DavisSophomorePrincipal's List
Carmen Wellington DavisJuniorSecond Honors
Herchel Albert DavisJuniorSecond Honors
Ian Taber DawsonJuniorFirst Honors
Connor Thomas DaySophomorePrincipal's List
Justin DePradoSeniorSecond Honors
Carter Anthony DeWittSeniorSecond Honors
Alexander Christopher DeitzSophomoreFirst Honors
Dominick James DelSignoreSeniorFirst Honors
Samuel David Delucia-GreenSophomoreFirst Honors
Alexander Brom DeyeJuniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Thomas DeyeSophomoreFirst Honors
Benjamin Daniel DiSantoJuniorSecond Honors
Enri Omar DiazSophomorePrincipal's List
Jean-Claude Dominic DiehlSeniorFirst Honors
Jack Gordon DingleSophomoreSecond Honors
Griffen Chase-Wilson DoddSeniorFirst Honors
Kenneth Lorivaldo DomingosSophomoreFirst Honors
Joshua Murphy DomzalskiSophomorePrincipal's List
Ryan Scott DonaldsonSeniorSecond Honors
Kolby Michael DoyleSophomoreSecond Honors
Jacob David DraySeniorPrincipal's List
Bryce Allen DreherJuniorFirst Honors
Colin Patrick DunawaySophomoreFirst Honors
Joseph Kenneth DuncanSeniorPrincipal's List
Christopher Seraphim ElderSeniorPrincipal's List
Evan Spaulding ElderSophomoreSecond Honors
Tyler Christopher EldridgeSophomoreSecond Honors
Charles Michael ElySophomoreFirst Honors
Jonathan Bryce EndicottSeniorPrincipal's List
Jonathan Kei-Lung EngSeniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Frederick EngelSophomoreSecond Honors
Jacob Michael EpleyJuniorFirst Honors
William Andrew EppersonJuniorSecond Honors
Dylan Michael ErnstSophomorePrincipal's List
Chane EvansSophomoreSecond Honors
David Walker EvansJuniorFirst Honors
John Thomas EvansSophomorePrincipal's List
Tyler Marshall EversoleSeniorPrincipal's List
Robert Maxwell FarmerSeniorPrincipal's List
Kaleb Lawrence FaustSophomorePrincipal's List
Kolby Patrick FaustSeniorPrincipal's List
Charles Layton FawcettJuniorFirst Honors
Kyle Anthony FegerSophomoreSecond Honors
Samuel Franklin FendigSeniorSecond Honors
Aaron Alexander FernandezSeniorPrincipal's List
John Michael FernandezJuniorPrincipal's List
Alexander Jonathan FerreeSophomoreSecond Honors
Simon Chandler FewellJuniorSecond Honors
Christopher Beck FieldhouseSophomorePrincipal's List
Nathaniel Todd FieldhouseSeniorPrincipal's List
James Brady FieldsJuniorSecond Honors
Garrett Scott FischerSeniorPrincipal's List
John Steven FischerJuniorFirst Honors
Cameron Len FiskSeniorPrincipal's List
Gunner Patrick FlanaganSophomoreSecond Honors
Jordan Richard FlaspoehlerJuniorFirst Honors
Trevor Douglas FordSeniorSecond Honors
Michael Connor ForemanSeniorSecond Honors
Dylan H FoxSophomoreSecond Honors
Manuel Owen FranciaSophomoreSecond Honors
Daniel Parker FranklinFreshmanSecond Honors
John Robert FranklinSophomoreSecond Honors
Nicholas Anthony FreibertSeniorPrincipal's List
Cooper Patrick FrenchJuniorSecond Honors
Peyton Lee FrenchJuniorFirst Honors
Jack Thomas FurlongSophomorePrincipal's List
Patrick Joseph FurlongSeniorPrincipal's List
Matthew Oliver GaddSeniorFirst Honors
Brendan Coles GallagherSeniorFirst Honors
Eric Hayden Gallehr-MiracleSophomorePrincipal's List
Ethan Cole Gallehr-MiracleSophomoreFirst Honors
Aydin Kenneth Herbert GarbusJuniorPrincipal's List
Dustin Ray GarrisonSophomoreSecond Honors
Anthony George GatesSeniorPrincipal's List
Jonathan Michael GaudinSeniorSecond Honors
Dalton Maxwell GauriSeniorSecond Honors
Bryce Oliver GentnerSophomorePrincipal's List
Garrett Bradley GentnerJuniorSecond Honors
Lakin Joseph GentnerSeniorFirst Honors
Dylan Scott GentrySeniorSecond Honors
Cole McClayne GilkeyJuniorFirst Honors
John Ambrose GilkisonSeniorPrincipal's List
Drexel Collier GillaspieJuniorSecond Honors
Owen McIntyre GilliganSeniorSecond Honors
Jimmy Lee GillispieSophomoreSecond Honors
Ian Bogdan GleasonSeniorFirst Honors
Jalen D. GlennFreshmanSecond Honors
Nicholas Anthony GnadingerSeniorFirst Honors
Grant Tanner GodwinFreshmanFirst Honors
Conner David GoldsmithSeniorPrincipal's List
Jordan Matthew GoodwinJuniorPrincipal's List
Jakob Lee GordonSeniorPrincipal's List
Zachariah Griffis GossmanSophomoreFirst Honors
Scott Alan GraehlerSeniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Dylan GrangerJuniorFirst Honors
Griffin Sumner GrantSophomoreFirst Honors
Andrew Christopher GrassJuniorFirst Honors
Jacob Thomas GrassSeniorFirst Honors
Seth Logan GravesJuniorSecond Honors
Christopher Jack GraySeniorPrincipal's List
Liam Joseph GraySeniorPrincipal's List
Richard Frank GregorSeniorSecond Honors
David Joseph GregorySeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Joseph GrimmSeniorPrincipal's List
Colin James GrimmJuniorFirst Honors
Benjamin Harrison GrissomJuniorPrincipal's List
Ethan James GruneisenSeniorPrincipal's List
Jack Thomas GuffeyJuniorFirst Honors
Joseph Oliver GulickSeniorSecond Honors
Jeffery Thomas HafendorferSophomoreSecond Honors
Gehrig Douglas HagedornSophomorePrincipal's List
Curtis Scott HagmanSophomoreSecond Honors
Andrew Maurice Ralph HamillJuniorPrincipal's List
Jaelyn Skylar HamiltonSeniorFirst Honors
Logan Keith HamiltonJuniorSecond Honors
McCall Heinz HancockSeniorSecond Honors
Edward Tristan HarboldJuniorFirst Honors
Joseph Hunter HardinSeniorFirst Honors
Mason Latimer HardyJuniorSecond Honors
Taylor Riggs HardyJuniorSecond Honors
Luke Thompson HarlanJuniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Aaron HarrellSophomoreSecond Honors
Trent Edward HarrisJuniorSecond Honors
William Layne HarrisonSeniorPrincipal's List
Bennett Joseph HasnerSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew James HawesSeniorPrincipal's List
Samuel Keller HebestreitSeniorFirst Honors
Colin Joseph HellerSeniorFirst Honors
Michael Joseph HellingerSeniorSecond Honors
Ryan Anthony HellingerSeniorFirst Honors
Bryce Kameron HendrickJuniorSecond Honors
Cameron Michael HennesseySeniorSecond Honors
John Alexander HenritzSeniorPrincipal's List
Oscar Cruz HernandezSeniorSecond Honors
Stephen Antwine HerronSeniorFirst Honors
Jacob McKenna HertigSeniorPrincipal's List
Braden Micah HeuglinSophomoreSecond Honors
Shane Christopher HickeyJuniorSecond Honors
Aaron William HigdonSeniorFirst Honors
Tyler Thomas HigdonSophomorePrincipal's List
Noah Robert HinkleJuniorSecond Honors
Shaun Michael HirterJuniorSecond Honors
William Austin HirtzelSeniorPrincipal's List
Kyle Jackson HodesJuniorPrincipal's List
Ethan Jeffrey HodgeSophomoreSecond Honors
Kenneth William HodgeSophomoreSecond Honors
Nicholas R HodgesSophomoreFirst Honors
Aaron Paul HollowaySeniorPrincipal's List
Brett Preston HolsclawJuniorSecond Honors
Andrew Deacon HookSeniorSecond Honors
William Cleary HoranSophomoreFirst Honors
Cagney Scott HornSeniorSecond Honors
Brennon Thomas HoskinsSophomoreSecond Honors
Quentin Lee HoutSeniorSecond Honors
Dalton Zachary HowardJuniorSecond Honors
John Patrick HowardSophomoreSecond Honors
Sean Michael HowardSeniorSecond Honors
Dalton Stanley HubbsSeniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Gehrig HubertFreshmanPrincipal's List
Jonathon Harris HughesSeniorPrincipal's List
Mark Anthony HughesSeniorFirst Honors
Patrick Hampton HughesSeniorFirst Honors
Ethan Frederick HullSeniorPrincipal's List
Nicholas James HulsJuniorPrincipal's List
Christopher Warren HumphreySeniorFirst Honors
Porter Leo HuntJuniorSecond Honors
Blake Michael HurstSeniorSecond Honors
Lee Nelson HurstSeniorSecond Honors
Connor Michael HylandSeniorPrincipal's List
Nathaniel Anthony IsaacsSophomorePrincipal's List
Jackson David IsingJuniorPrincipal's List
Michael Gregory JackieSeniorSecond Honors
Jacob Samuel JackmanSeniorPrincipal's List
Dakotah Marshall JacksonSeniorSecond Honors
Nathan Alexander JacksonSophomorePrincipal's List
Dallas Marshall JenkinsSeniorFirst Honors
Caden Tyler JohnsonSeniorFirst Honors
Joseph Luke JohnsonSophomorePrincipal's List
Tyler Patrick JohnsonSeniorPrincipal's List
Wynton Xavier JohnsonSophomorePrincipal's List
Nathan Wilhelm JohnstonSophomoreFirst Honors
August Edwin JonesSeniorSecond Honors
Bryce Paul JonesSeniorSecond Honors
Hayden Paxton JonesJuniorFirst Honors
Jack Marion JonesSophomoreSecond Honors
Thaddeus Hunter JonesJuniorSecond Honors
Skyler James JordanSophomoreSecond Honors
William Cole JoySeniorPrincipal's List
Seth Carl JutzJuniorSecond Honors
Thomas Leo KalmerSeniorPrincipal's List
Thomas Joseph KaneSeniorPrincipal's List
Jack Essex KaremSophomoreSecond Honors
Ian Robert KarmanSeniorPrincipal's List
Drake Edward KawaSeniorFirst Honors
Michael Henry KellySophomoreSecond Honors
William McKenney KempfJuniorPrincipal's List
Ruairidh Raymond KerrSeniorFirst Honors
Noah Isaac KesslerSeniorPrincipal's List
Thomas Stanley KingSeniorFirst Honors
Maxwell Kane KinnisonJuniorSecond Honors
Kyle Edward KinserJuniorFirst Honors
Michael Joseph KinserJuniorPrincipal's List
Aidan James KochSophomoreSecond Honors
Christopher Joseph KolibabSeniorSecond Honors
Trent William KolterSophomoreSecond Honors
Jared Michael KrausSeniorFirst Honors
Thomas Andrew KrummJuniorPrincipal's List
Kadin Glenn KulmerSeniorSecond Honors
Ethan Thomas LallySeniorPrincipal's List
Kevin Thomas LambeSeniorSecond Honors
Jeffrey Thomas LandSeniorFirst Honors
Tanner Anthony LangleySeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Dylan LanhamSeniorPrincipal's List
Dylan Matthew LasleySeniorSecond Honors
Miguel Ernesto LaspiurSophomoreSecond Honors
Justin Thomas LeeJuniorFirst Honors
Ryan Michael LenahanSeniorPrincipal's List
Landon Mitchell LenhartJuniorSecond Honors
John William LeonardSeniorSecond Honors
Dante Alexander LeonardiSeniorSecond Honors
Joseph Alan LewisJuniorFirst Honors
Daylen Anthony LileSophomoreFirst Honors
Derek Carl LimbergSophomorePrincipal's List
Shane William LimbergSophomorePrincipal's List
Thaddeus John LipinskiSophomorePrincipal's List
Baltazar LoraSeniorPrincipal's List
Dontaveon DeShawn LoveSophomorePrincipal's List
Bryce Elway LoweSeniorPrincipal's List
Luke Daniel LyleSeniorFirst Honors
Maxwell John LyleSeniorSecond Honors
John Christopher MackeySophomoreFirst Honors
Tyler Andrew MackeySeniorFirst Honors
Dale Michael MagreSophomorePrincipal's List
Carson Patrick MaloneSeniorPrincipal's List
Quentin Beatty MarquetteSophomoreSecond Honors
Carter Theodore MartinJuniorSecond Honors
Ryan Keith MartinSophomoreFirst Honors
Anthony Louis MartinetteSophomoreFirst Honors
Ivan Emilio MartinezSeniorSecond Honors
Sebastian Francisco MartinezJuniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Michael MattinglyJuniorSecond Honors
Lukas Steven MattinglyJuniorSecond Honors
Samuel Robert MattinglySeniorPrincipal's List
Bryce Everett MaydenSophomorePrincipal's List
Nicholas Patrick MayerSeniorSecond Honors
Jackson Matthew McArthurSeniorPrincipal's List
Shane Thomas McCallSeniorSecond Honors
John Reed McCalpinJuniorPrincipal's List
Michael Joseph McCalpinSeniorPrincipal's List
Hunter Justice McCarrickSeniorFirst Honors
Jacob Callahan McCarthySeniorFirst Honors
Spencer Clayton McCartySeniorFirst Honors
Dalton Jacob McCauleyJuniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Robert McClellanJuniorPrincipal's List
Bain Alexander McDanielJuniorFirst Honors
Terrence Eric McDanielsSophomorePrincipal's List
William Schoen McDonaldSophomoreFirst Honors
Jacob Thomas McFarlandSophomorePrincipal's List
Luke Steven McFarlandSeniorPrincipal's List
Dalton Lee McGheeSeniorSecond Honors
Luke Patrick McGuireSeniorFirst Honors
Jake Krebs McKeanSeniorPrincipal's List
Aiden Michael McKinleySophomoreSecond Honors
Brandon Andrew McManusSeniorSecond Honors
Isaac Francis McQuillenJuniorPrincipal's List
Paul Gerard McQuillenSeniorPrincipal's List
Jadon Cole Means-SimonsenJuniorFirst Honors
Maxwell Joseph MedleySeniorFirst Honors
Clayton Mathew MeimanJuniorFirst Honors
Stephen Alexander MettenSeniorSecond Honors
Spencer Davis MettsSeniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Reeves MetzingerSeniorPrincipal's List
Ocean Douglas MetzlerJuniorSecond Honors
Joshua Riedling MetzmeierSeniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Jay MichelsSeniorSecond Honors
Ryan Edward MillerJuniorFirst Honors
Blake Christopher MitchellSophomoreFirst Honors
Donald Martin MitchellSeniorPrincipal's List
Graham Edmond MolinariSeniorFirst Honors
Christopher Brian MonellSeniorSecond Honors
Davis Leland MoneyJuniorSecond Honors
Henry Scott MonohanJuniorSecond Honors
Hunter Luke MonohanSeniorPrincipal's List
Keith Tucker MonsourSeniorFirst Honors
George Austin MontgomerySophomoreSecond Honors
Robert Cody MontgomerySophomoreSecond Honors
Maximus Emilio MontoyaSophomoreSecond Honors
Alex Gould MooreSophomorePrincipal's List
Elijah Lauren MooreJuniorSecond Honors
Rondale DaSean MooreSeniorPrincipal's List
John Thomas MooserJuniorPrincipal's List
Riley Alexander MoremenSophomorePrincipal's List
Charles Schaefer MorganSophomorePrincipal's List
David McCord MorganSeniorSecond Honors
Franklin Hehl MorganSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Scott MortensonSeniorFirst Honors
Samuel Garrett MuddSophomoreFirst Honors
Henry Stewart MullinsSeniorSecond Honors
Austin Michael MurphySeniorPrincipal's List
Colin Joseph MurphySophomoreSecond Honors
Noah William MurrSeniorFirst Honors
Caleb Matthew MurraySeniorPrincipal's List
Simon Patrick MurtaJuniorSecond Honors
Kameron Ray NairSeniorPrincipal's List
Pablo NakasatoSophomoreFirst Honors
Jared Michael NasonSeniorPrincipal's List
Nicholas Alan NeumannSeniorPrincipal's List
Owen Henry NeumayerSophomorePrincipal's List
Peter Joseph NguyenSophomorePrincipal's List
Coleman Troy NicholsJuniorFirst Honors
Alexander Laurence NicodemusJuniorPrincipal's List
Travis Edward NilestSeniorSecond Honors
Gavin Richard NolandSophomoreFirst Honors
Logan Anthony NolandSeniorPrincipal's List
Parker Briggs NormanJuniorFirst Honors
David Luke NorrisSeniorFirst Honors
Jacob Lee NuttSeniorFirst Honors
Liam Daniel O'BrienSophomoreSecond Honors
Colin Patrick Charles O'ConnorSeniorFirst Honors
Ryan Michael O'DeaSophomorePrincipal's List
Sean Finbar O'MahoneySophomoreSecond Honors
Luke Daniel OldhamSeniorSecond Honors
Jerald Gordon OliverSeniorSecond Honors
Andreas Michael OlsenSophomoreFirst Honors
Matthew Alexander OsbornSeniorPrincipal's List
Frederick Stephen OttSeniorFirst Honors
Patrick Stephen OwensJuniorSecond Honors
John Mason PabonSophomoreSecond Honors
Geum Seong ParkSeniorPrincipal's List
Nicholas David ParrishSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Charles PassanisiSeniorPrincipal's List
Paul Vincent PassanisiSeniorPrincipal's List
Michael J PayneSeniorSecond Honors
Zachary Patrick PeaceSophomoreFirst Honors
DeAnthony James PerrySophomoreFirst Honors
Grant Michael PerrySeniorFirst Honors
Matthew Samuel PesceSophomoreSecond Honors
Nicholas Raymond PesceJuniorPrincipal's List
Callum Reece PetersSeniorSecond Honors
Julian Christopher PetersSeniorSecond Honors
Brady Ryan PetrandoJuniorSecond Honors
Charles John PetrandoSeniorFirst Honors
Brett David PfaadtSeniorSecond Honors
Addison Wade PhillipsSeniorPrincipal's List
Kyle Anthony PhillipsSeniorFirst Honors
Khumbo PhiriSeniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Kent PierceSeniorPrincipal's List
Julian Maurice PirtleJuniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Chase PomerleauSeniorFirst Honors
Nathan Alexander PotempaSeniorSecond Honors
Christian Alexander PottingerSeniorSecond Honors
Justin Tyler PowellSophomorePrincipal's List
Brennan Michael PowersJuniorPrincipal's List
Garrett Walker PriceSeniorSecond Honors
Samuel David PufferJuniorSecond Honors
Markus Anthony PuhakkaSophomoreFirst Honors
Clayton Grant PusateriSeniorFirst Honors
Kaelan Wade RacculiaJuniorSecond Honors
John Christian RademakerJuniorPrincipal's List
Andrew Campbell RaffertyJuniorSecond Honors
Jeremy Nathaniel RainesSophomoreSecond Honors
Andrew Gregory RamserSophomoreFirst Honors
Matthew Gannon RamserSeniorPrincipal's List
Lucas Angelo RappaSeniorSecond Honors
Zachary Thomas RaqueSeniorFirst Honors
Charles Amiel RawlingsSeniorSecond Honors
Jacob Rudd RayomeSeniorFirst Honors
Wilson Xavier RedmanJuniorSecond Honors
Konner Lucas ReedSophomoreSecond Honors
Bryant Christopher ReynoldsSeniorPrincipal's List
Zachary James ReynoldsSeniorPrincipal's List
Benjamin Phillip RheeFreshmanPrincipal's List
Kade Matthew RiceJuniorSecond Honors
Logan Kamer RiceSeniorSecond Honors
Simon Thomas RiceJuniorSecond Honors
Matthew Stephen RichardsSeniorFirst Honors
William James RiddleSeniorSecond Honors
Jackson Patrick RineyJuniorPrincipal's List
Justin Scott RiskSeniorSecond Honors
Darian Isaiah RobinsonSeniorSecond Honors
Angel RodriguezSophomoreFirst Honors
Jacob Dalton RogersSeniorSecond Honors
Preston Adam RomanovJuniorFirst Honors
Connor Rush RominesSophomoreSecond Honors
Samuel Pfeiffer RoofSeniorSecond Honors
Lucas Patrick RoseberryJuniorSecond Honors
John Thomas RossSophomoreFirst Honors
Mark Allen RossSophomorePrincipal's List
Hunter Cole RuckriegelJuniorPrincipal's List
Gregory Paul RussellSeniorPrincipal's List
Zachary Elliott SantanaSophomoreSecond Honors
Patrick Bruno SanticSeniorPrincipal's List
Rodney Carroll SauerbeckJuniorSecond Honors
Jacob Arthur SaylorSeniorSecond Honors
Colin Benjamin SchaffnerJuniorSecond Honors
Andrew Michael SchelbSeniorPrincipal's List
Zachary Ryan SchellJuniorSecond Honors
Jerrett Kenneth SchlumpbergerSeniorSecond Honors
Joshua Allan SchmidtSeniorSecond Honors
Thomas Charles SchmidtSophomorePrincipal's List
Trevor Edward SchmidtSeniorFirst Honors
Pedro Manzano SchmittSophomoreFirst Honors
Christopher James SchneiderJuniorFirst Honors
Christian Key SchoenSophomoreFirst Honors
Ethan Tanner SchottSophomoreSecond Honors
Kyle Patrick SearsSeniorFirst Honors
William Henry SeaySeniorSecond Honors
Jacob Robert SedgwickSeniorPrincipal's List
Logan Patrick SegeleonSeniorSecond Honors
Caden Alexander SekelskySeniorPrincipal's List
Reed Campbell ShaySeniorPrincipal's List
Preston Thomas SheaSophomoreFirst Honors
Samuel Alexander SheehanSeniorPrincipal's List
Evan Patrick SheehyJuniorPrincipal's List
Ryan Mark SheehyJuniorSecond Honors
August Thomas SherwoodSophomorePrincipal's List
Grayson Loftland ShuckSeniorSecond Honors
Gavin Young SimpkinsSophomoreSecond Honors
Benjamin Matthew SkaggsSeniorPrincipal's List
Samuel Raymon SlaughterJuniorSecond Honors
Dylan Joseph Smalley-WoodsJuniorSecond Honors
Charles Nicholas SmithJuniorPrincipal's List
Grant Mitchum SmithSeniorFirst Honors
Jackson Thomas Ryan SmithSeniorPrincipal's List
Patrick Regan SmithSeniorSecond Honors
Ryan David SnappJuniorSecond Honors
Harrison George SnyderSeniorFirst Honors
M. Lloyd SoardsJuniorSecond Honors
Seth W. Spriggs-DialSophomoreFirst Honors
John Anthony SpugnardiSophomoreSecond Honors
Zachary Vincent StahlmanSophomoreSecond Honors
Jacob Tyler StaleySeniorPrincipal's List
Nichlas Braden StaubleSeniorSecond Honors
Trenton Michael SteeleJuniorSecond Honors
Casey Allen StengelSeniorSecond Honors
Cooper Vincent StengelSophomorePrincipal's List
Anthony Maxwell SteurerSeniorFirst Honors
Monterris Datron StevensonSeniorSecond Honors
Joseph Victor SticklerSeniorSecond Honors
Andrew Jude StiversSeniorSecond Honors
Conner William StollSeniorPrincipal's List
Douglas Allen StoughSeniorSecond Honors
Cameron Ricci StrauseSeniorSecond Honors
Jonathan Phillip StueckerSeniorFirst Honors
Cameron James SuddickJuniorSecond Honors
Sean Patrick SullivanSeniorPrincipal's List
Dominic Ferdinand SutkampJuniorSecond Honors
Matthew Brett TannehillSeniorPrincipal's List
Hunter Andrew TappSeniorPrincipal's List
Miles Wesley TarulloSeniorPrincipal's List
Austin Christopher TaylorSophomoreSecond Honors
Jacob Andrew TaylorSophomoreSecond Honors
Justin Zachary Lee TaylorSeniorPrincipal's List
Tyler Ethan TerriacoSophomoreSecond Honors
Charles Arcadian ThegreatJuniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Houston Zettel TheveninSeniorPrincipal's List
Creighton Phillip ThienemanSophomoreSecond Honors
Connor Steven ThomasSeniorFirst Honors
Joseph Carl ThomasSophomoreSecond Honors
Logan Jace ThomasJuniorPrincipal's List
Trenton James ThomasSophomoreFirst Honors
Nicholas Vaden ThompsonSophomoreSecond Honors
Kyle Douglas ThorneSeniorSecond Honors
Tristan William ThornsberryJuniorFirst Honors
Matthew Patrick ThorpeSeniorSecond Honors
Douglas Wayne TimmeringSeniorPrincipal's List
Richard Brion TinsleyJuniorFirst Honors
Jacob Ryan TravelsteadSeniorFirst Honors
William Henry TremaglioSeniorSecond Honors
Edward Boswell TrenthamSeniorFirst Honors
Christopher George TroutmanSeniorPrincipal's List
Ryan Michael TroutmanSeniorPrincipal's List
Thomas Winfield TudorSeniorFirst Honors
Noah Paul TuellSeniorPrincipal's List
David Stewart TurnerSeniorFirst Honors
Stanley Lambert TurnierSeniorSecond Honors
William O'Neal TwymanSeniorPrincipal's List
Jayke Dimas UrbinaSophomoreSecond Honors
Jordan Matthew ValeSophomoreSecond Honors
Nathan James Van SickleSophomoreFirst Honors
Kyle Steven VanceJuniorSecond Honors
John Fredrick VanettiSophomorePrincipal's List
Stephen Manuel VegaSeniorSecond Honors
Jose Roberto de Jesus Vela LandaverrySeniorFirst Honors
Nathan Dean VesselsSophomoreSecond Honors
Michael VickersJuniorSecond Honors
Nicholas Tyler VittitowJuniorSecond Honors
Dominic Charles VogtSeniorPrincipal's List
Anthony Michael VolkovitskyJuniorSecond Honors
Adron William VronaSeniorPrincipal's List
Nathan Gaines WaggenerSophomorePrincipal's List
RiLee Thomas WaggonerJuniorSecond Honors
Clayton Frank WalterJuniorSecond Honors
Wyatt Tristan WareSeniorPrincipal's List
Dylan Jacob WarfieldSophomoreSecond Honors
Andrew Lang WarrenSeniorPrincipal's List
Logan Charles WarrenJuniorFirst Honors
Trevor Christopher WarrenSeniorPrincipal's List
Zachary Robert WatkinsJuniorPrincipal's List
Cade McCaffery WatsonSophomorePrincipal's List
Matthew Joseph WatsonSeniorFirst Honors
Gavin Samuel WeakleyJuniorPrincipal's List
Christopher Thomas WeathersSeniorFirst Honors
Kyle Chandler WebbSophomoreFirst Honors
Kangda WeiSeniorPrincipal's List
Adam Scott WeiningSeniorSecond Honors
Nathan Charles WeitlaufSeniorSecond Honors
Colton Edwin WesselJuniorSecond Honors
John Kenneth WesslingSeniorFirst Honors
Lucas Andrew WheatleySeniorPrincipal's List
Jacob William WheelerSeniorPrincipal's List
Casey Joseph Lim WhortonFreshmanSecond Honors
Nathan Elliott WigginsSeniorFirst Honors
Maxwell Ryan WilberdingSophomorePrincipal's List
Davis Nathaniel WilliamsJuniorSecond Honors
Logan Alan WilliamsSophomorePrincipal's List
Shane Kenneth WilliamsSeniorFirst Honors
Taylor James WilliamsSophomoreFirst Honors
Anthony Stone WilmesSophomoreFirst Honors
Davis Atwell WilmesSophomoreFirst Honors
Henry Thornton WilmesSeniorSecond Honors
Alexander Owen WilsonSeniorPrincipal's List
Damarcus Sha'Ron WilsonJuniorPrincipal's List
Jackson Lee WilsonSophomoreFirst Honors
Tyler Cameron WilsonSeniorSecond Honors
Spencer Thomas WindhamSophomoreFirst Honors
Cooper Patrick WinrichSeniorPrincipal's List
Ryan Jacob WisemanSophomorePrincipal's List
Benjamin Jacob WohnerSeniorSecond Honors
John Hyland WolframSeniorPrincipal's List
Vincent Hyland WolframSophomorePrincipal's List
Ryan Andrew Woo-MingSophomoreFirst Honors
Matthew Ross WoodallSeniorPrincipal's List
Alex Lee WoosleySeniorPrincipal's List
Cameron Ray WuestJuniorFirst Honors
Han Lei XuJuniorPrincipal's List
Trent Harris YoungbloodJuniorPrincipal's List
Dizhou ZhangSeniorFirst Honors
Luke Henry ZoellerSeniorSecond Honors

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