Senior Counseling

College Visits during Advising

  • October 28: Western Kentucky University
  • October 31: Asbury University
  • November 25: United States Naval Academy

See Ms. Kerns to sign up!

College Visits during 2nd & 3rd Lunch

  • October 23: Centre College, Samford University
  • October 24: University of Dayton
  • October 25: University of Cincinnati (3rd lunch only)
  • October 30: Savannah College of Art and Design
  • October 31: Talladega College

Trinity’s College Counselors guide students in the areas of college admissions, scholarships, technical schools, vocational training, and job opportunities. See your College Counselor early and often!

Seniors are allowed two excused college visit days during the school year. Be sure to pick up a form from the Student Affairs Office.

College Terms You Should Know

  1. Early Action: A non-binding decision plan where you receive an early response to your application.
  2. Early Decision: A binding decision plan. You may only apply to one institution under Early Decision. If you are accepted, you must withdraw all other applications and attend the Early Decision institution.
  3. May 1: The national college decision date. No institution (unless you’ve applied Early Decision) can require you to respond to their admission or scholarship offers prior to this date.
  4. Net Price Calculator: All university websites must have a Net Price Calculator available. It is a tool you can utilize to determine what your Net Price (e.g. the amount you’ll actually pay) will be after financial aid and scholarships.
  5. Holistic Review: A type of admissions review that universities will use that allows the readers to look at an entire applicant (e.g. test scores, GPA, course rigor, activities, essays, etc.) rather than only the test score or GPA.
  6. Test-Optional: Many institutions have moved to test optional admission, meaning they do not require the submission of standardized test scores.
  7. FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

For more information, contact:
Allie Kerns

Allie Kerns

Phone: 502.736.8262
Matt Manning

Matt Manning

Phone: 502.736.2167

Student News

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Rocks Traveling to Japan

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Trinity Students Travel to Ireland

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