Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Frisbee intramural program is held each spring from mid-March through mid-May. This activity is open to all students and is not House-driven. Students are able to create their own rosters with a minimum of 12 players.

Ultimate Frisbee has a division for each class, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior divisions. The rules are a combination of football, basketball and soccer. Each match is played after school during the week in Marshall Stadium and consists of two 12-minute halves with a three-minute halftime. The dimensions of the playing field are 70×40 yards with 15-yard end zones. There is no fee for participation.

Rosters will be available for creating a team in late February.
Please contact Joe Bryant or Mike Chancellor at Trinity for more details on this growing national sport.

Intramural leagues

For more information, contact:
 Conor Carroll

Conor Carroll

Phone: 502.736.8255

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