Student Resources


From hard science to the fine arts, great minds find inspiration in our classrooms, our instructors and our support system.

Student Manual

Trinity High School presents the Student Manual as a guide for students and their parents/guardians. It contains information about school policies, including the Code of Conduct.


Trinity High School is blessed with a diverse and exemplary faculty and staff, nine out of every 10 teachers hold a Master’s degree or beyond.

Grades & Assignments

Welcome to Trinity’s new parent portal, driven by PowerSchool. Once logged in, you will be able to view grades, attendance records, school bulletins, teacher comments and set up e-mail notifications.


Access to Trinity High School’s online curriculum


Trinity has a staff of eight counselors, one for every grade level, plus a traditional, advanced placement and learning difference counselor. Also, two counselors assist seniors with college and career planning.

Programs of Study

Offers a rigorous curriculum for gifted and accelerated students that provides an exceptional preparation for college. Students have an opportunity to acquire numerous college credits while meeting Trinity’s graduation requirements.

School Calendar

Stay in the know with important dates and events happening at Trinity.

Library Media Center

The W. Peter Flaig Library Media Center is the Trinity research center. It is a state-of-the-art facility with numerous resources and services at our students’ disposal.

Food Services & Lunch Menu

Once again this year, FLIK Independent Schools Food Service has partnered with Trinity High School to provide a diverse and affordable dining experience for your son.

Summer Reading List

Trinity’s English department believes that reading over the summer is a vital part of keeping a student’s skills sharp for the upcoming year. These skills will carry over into all of the student’s classes, not just English.

Work Study Program

Trinity High School has had a long standing work study program for over 50 years that all students are eligible to participate in. This program allows a student to work 84 hours and earn tuition credits.

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