Upcoming Clubs and Activities Meetings

Upcoming Clubs and Activities Meetings

Below you will find a listing of when and where upcoming clubs and activities are taking place as well as who to contact with questions and for more information. If you would like a general overview of all of  Trinity’s Clubs and Activities, please click here or contact Mr. Adam Klein, Director of House and Activities at 736-8230 or klein@trinityrocks.com.

Club and Activity Meetings: Jan. 25 – Feb. 5


The Robotics Club meets after school every Monday and Thursday. For more information, contact Ms. Mason (mason@trinityrocks.com).


The Chess Club will on Monday, Jan. 25, and Feb. 1 in Mr. Josh Kusch’s room, S156, immediately after school. (kusch@trinityrocks.com) 


The Film Club’s next meeting will take place Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 3:05 PM in the DVD Studio, F346. Club members will watch the film, Love and Monsters. Contact Mr.  Seng (seng@trinityrocks.com or Mr.  Harris (harris@trinityrocks.com) to learn more about the Film Club.


The Video Game Club will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 26 from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on its Discord channel. Please contact Mr. Ben Sobczyk (sobczyk@trinityrocks.com) to learn more about the club.


The Culinary Club will be cooking virtually on Microsoft Teams on Thursday, January 28 at 4:00 PM.  Email Ms. Kathy Kiefer (kiefer@trinityrocks.com) or Ms. Rachel Hall (rhall@trinityrocks.com) for more information.


The Guitar Club will meet Monday, Feb. 1. Students on campus that day can attend the meeting right after school in the music room C271. Students not on campus that day, may join the meeting on Teams. To join on Teams, students must notify Mr. Jason Daniel (daniel@trinityrocks.com) so he can add them the Guitar Club Team.


The Beta Club will meet on Monday, Feb 1 at 3:05 PM. Students on campus can attend the meeting in person in Mr. Koopman’s room, F231. Students not on campus that day, may join the meeting on Microsoft Teams. Contact Mr. Patrick Koopman (koopman@trinityrocks.com) for additional information.


National Honor Society will meet on Tuesday, Feb 2 at 3 PM on Microsoft Teams. Contact Ms. Emily Waford (waford@trinityrocks.com) to find out more information about the meeting.


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