Mark Plummer ’69

I was fortunate to spend eight years at St. Barnabas, four years at Trinity and four years at Bellarmine. It was after graduation before I really began to appreciate the life lessons learned from being educated at these schools.

The ethics, morals and general sense of right and wrong blossomed and made me a better man.

I wanted the same opportunities and advantages for my sons, which is why I sent them to Trinity. Bo graduated in 1996 and Josh in 1999. I’m very proud of both of them and feel Trinity had a part in making them the quality men they are today.

I hope being part of the Duerr Legacy Society will help make these opportunities available for many other young men in the future. The Trinity education and experience allows our students to grow into moral and ethical adults who are great assets to our community.

This is an outstanding and relatively painless way to make a substantial gift to help Trinity be strong and available to future generations. For many of us, it is the only way to make a substantial gift, and it’s easy.

If you’re an alum, think of how your Trinity experience and education have helped you in your life. I know it has been invaluable to me. I want to make sure I do what I can to ensure it is available to future generations.

-Mark Plummer ’69

Rev. Thomas A. Duerr Legacy Society    

For more information on ways your generosity can benefit Trinity High School, contact:

Trinity High School Foundation

Phone: 502.736.2100

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