PRIDE - 1959

Monsignor Alfred W. Steinhauser

Fr. Steinhauser was Holy Trinity High School’s* Founder and first Principal.  He led Trinity from 1953 to 1967.

After receiving directions from Archbishop Floersh to begin Trinity in 1953, Fr. Steinhauser laid the philosophical and educational foundation for a school that would quickly grow into a force in the St. Matthews community and the Louisville area.  Trinity would achieve many milestones and recognitions including the United States Department of Education recognition as a “School of Excellence” in 1991.

Fr. Steinhauser was truly a visionary.  Many of the programs and activities begun by him continue today.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, Fr. Steinhauser founded a school built on a belief in service to all. 

An “Information Bulletin” dated May 4, 1953 by Fr. Steinhauser states:

“From the very outset, the interest and enthusiasm of the entire St. Matthews area will be invited to make the school the best in the
Country in the shortest possible time.”

*The word “Holy” was dropped from the school name in 1955 to avoid confusion with Holy Trinity Parish and School. 

**Trinity is grateful to the Steinhauser/Johnson/Ferris families for their generous donation of items from Fr. Steinhauser’s years.

Peter Flaig

Peter Flaig came to Trinity High School as a teacher in 1970.  He was a classroom teacher from 1970-75.  From 1976-83 he was the assistant principal/director of studies.  In 1983 he was named Trinity’s fourth principal.  Peter Flaig was named Trinity’s first President in 1994.  He held this position until his retirement in 2000.

Some accomplishments under Peter Flaig:

  • Trinity experienced tremendous physical growth
  • Expansion of Trinity’s academic programs
  • Recognition as leader in educational technology
  • Established Trinity’s endowment
  • United States Department recognized Trinity as a Blue-Ribbon School
  • Started the Foundation Board
  • First Strategic Plan

As Principal, Peter made it known that the student comes first at Trinity.  In addition, he was very supportive of the faculty. 

Known for his quiet and compassionate leadership, Peter Flag’s contributions to Trinity High School are immeasurable.  Trinity’s Library is named in his honor.

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