Whatever you’re good at, BE GREAT at it here at Trinity!

High school is where you explore your passions and grow.  Within Trinity’s Block Schedule you’ll receive a personalized education that will allow you to explore your passions in interactive ways and develop critical thinking skills.  At the same time, Trinity’s House System will create a welcoming environment where you quickly find where you belong and develop a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.  

These resources will help you get even better at the things you already love.  See for yourself by scheduling a shadow visit.  There is a school full of opportunity waiting for you!

Trinity provides you the opportunity to BE GREAT, so you can be anything.

We invite you to bring your passions and BE GREAT with us at Trinity!


Trinity strives to make the path to enrollment as open and seamless as possible.  We’ve put together a myriad of resources to help you along the way.  And we’re always available to answer all your questions and provide additional help during the process.  Please see the information below for more details:

What We Achieve

Trinity = Results

$35 Million

The Class of 2024 has earned nearly $35 million in college merit scholarships

$200 Million

The Class of 2024 and the last few classes have been offered more than $200 million in merit scholarships


The Class of 2024 took close to 800 AP exams


Members of the Class of 2024 were offered admittance to more than 140 colleges and universities


Students recognized by the National Merit Corporation in the Class of 2024


Governor's Scholars in the Class of 2024


Hours of Community Service performed this school year alone


More than 50 community agencies supported by the school


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